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Time to
Suit Up



Evolution of
the Suit

The suit, derived from Kimberly's time on Project Runway Season 9, evolved from her critically acclaimed tailored pants.  Crafted with the real woman's figure in mind, the pants are made to celebrate your curves and the jacket is the next best thing to custom fit.

The KG Girl
in Her Element

Kimberly Goldson challenges women who are confident in the leading aspects of their lives to express their fearlessness through their personal style. Don't wait for the "element" to set the tone, be the tone setter!


Dress for the Occasion



"It's never too early to sparkle and shine"

- Kimberly Goldson

Every day should be treated as a special occasion where you "sparkle and shine". Step out (to)day or (to)night in a memorable dress.

Constantly Fresh

Kimberly Goldson's solution to bringing you freshly curated pieces constantly - that will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe and keep you constantly fresh!



Kimberly Goldson was conceived and launched in 2011 by sisters Kimberly Goldson and Shelly Powell. The Kimberly Goldson lifestyle brand is inspired by the flavor of Kimberly and Shelly's hometown, Brooklyn, and draws from the dynamic cultures encountered during their international travels. It was created as a mix of those worlds for women who love luxury and dare to be bold and vivacious, fearless and distinctive.